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Logo of Orla Mannion sedation

Orla Mannion Sedation

We were tasked with creating the branding for a Dental Sedation clinic. This project was led on by Jenn. The primary objectives were to create a brand identity that was clean and simple, whilst appealing to both children and adults as friendly and approachable. The design didn’t want to be too childish, but also needed […]

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Box Challenge

The Box Challenge is a project delivered by Digital Advantage, in partnership with Arup, University of Salford and Makerspace. We were asked to create the logo and design for the box which houses a model which is used within a variety of tasks for STEM workshops. Jenn led on brand design, producing a lot of

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KC’s Curiosity box

We were approached to create a website for a creator of bespoke handmade items, with the main focus on developing an engaging and functional online shop. The primary objectives were to design a site that not only showcases the unique craftsmanship and quality of their products but also makes the shopping experience intuitive and user-friendly.

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JS Maths tutoring

We were approached to create a website for a Maths tutor. The primary objectives were to design a site that appeals to both young students and their parents, while being user-friendly and easy to navigate. It was crucial to incorporate the tutor’s established branding, including their brand colours and logo. Jenn, our designer, skillfully integrated

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AFC Autism

We were tasked with developing a website for AFC Autism, a group advocating for making football more accessible to autistic fans. The focus was to create a user-friendly and accessible site, where members could easily find updates and information, and to attract new members while raising awareness about their cause. The design needed to incorporate

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