KC’s Curiosity box

    • Graphic Design, Web Design/Development

We were approached to create a website for a creator of bespoke handmade items, with the main focus on developing an engaging and functional online shop. The primary objectives were to design a site that not only showcases the unique craftsmanship and quality of their products but also makes the shopping experience intuitive and user-friendly. Incorporating the creator’s established branding and logo was essential to maintain their unique identity.
Caprice, our designer, integrated these branding elements seamlessly into the website’s design, ensuring a cohesive look while creating additional digital assets to enhance the product presentation. Michael, our web developer, built the site with an emphasis on the shopping experience, ensuring that it was accessible, easy to navigate, and engaging for a diverse customer base.


You can take a look at the website here: www.kcscuriositybox.co.uk/

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