Meet Dillon…

Meet Dillon, one of SENDCode’s freelancers who specialises in photography, motion graphics and video editing.

Dillon was featured in a Day in the Life video last year whilst still an intern at DISC

Dillon initially wanted to become a photographer and nothing else, but as the year went on he developed an interest in motion graphics and video editing, which came in very handy for the agency when we were approached to create a video for the Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust to outline their new values, with video clips sent in by members of staff. 

Dillon spoke about his experience working on his first freelance job saying “It was a really cool and engaging experience and it was a good challenge of my skills, but it also did come with a fair bit of frustration from having to learn some specific skills from scratch; overall I think it was a good project and I did have fun with it once I ironed out the initial learning curve and managed to properly do everything, and if anything I got some useful skills out of it”.

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