Get Autism campaign

If you are an employer who wants to know more about how you can get involved with the Get Autism campaign, here’s an example of how one employer has supported us through a long term partnership.

Pledge 1
Manchester City Council’s Local Offer team first approached us with a job brief for some interns from DISC in 2022. The task was to make the Local Offer website more appealing to young people, because currently it is mainly used by parents and professionals. The interns produced a template of what the new website might look like, including a full rebrand and new logo. The logo has now been officially adopted by the Local Offer team in all comms.

Pledge 2
The Local Offer team needed a video producing to highlight the funded activities in Manchester during the summer holidays of 2023 for young people with SEND. They commissioned the SENDCode agency to produce the video using footage collected by people attending the events. This was a paid piece of work which employed the skills of three young people in the agency project managing, creating animations and editing the first and final drafts, in Autumn 2023.

Pledge 3
After the Local Offer Team and other sections of Manchester City Council, saw the quality of work and value in commissioning young people from the agency, they decided to move to the next level and commission the agency to employ a full time content creator for 12 months, managed by SENDCode and based in our supportive working environment, but who works on social media and face to face marketing to engage with young people with SEND and open up the Local Offer to them! Hopefully this will be a long lasting partnership that we can mirror with other organisations that haven’t yet signed up to Pledge 3! You know you want to 🙂

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