Many of you will already know Caprice Dipple, who is currently producing content for Manchester’s Local Offer Team to increase engagement amongst young people. Well, they recently received “Outstanding Achievement by a Young Person” at the Youth Buzz Awards 2024.

Caprice holding the award
Manchester Buzz Awards 2024

Caprice reflected on the event expressing “What a lovely night and lovely surprise! I’m so honoured that I got the Outstanding Achievements Youth Buzz Awards 2024! Honestly this time last year I wouldn’t think I’d have deserved it, I put a lot of work into myself over the course of last year. I’ve really been pushing myself to be the best version of myself, and I guess others have noticed too! I’m very grateful for the Local Offer, DISC and of course SENDCode.”

Caprice’s accomplishment is a reminder of the impact dedication and self-improvement can have, not just on ourselves but on those around us. Congratulations to Caprice on their well-deserved success, which serves as inspiration for young individuals aiming to make a positive difference.

Caprice's awards
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