Hello! We are SENDCode, a Manchester based digital agency that provides services including Web Design, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Brand Design, Animation, Illustration, Social media content creation, Marketing, Videography and Photography.

SENDCode is a digital agency that provides opportunities for talented young neurodivergent creatives. 

At SENDCode we do things differently. We have created a professional yet nurturing environment supporting individuals with disabilities, which enables them to be good at what they’re good at.



SENDCode became a programme of 1:1 support for young people with autism who were out of education but had skills in all things digital. We commissioned our first video for travel training, from our partners, Space4Autism in Macclesfield, to our first office at Innospace on MMU’s campus. We also managed to get our name out there with our own iDEA Award badge.


The year we became a not for profit Social Enterprise! We began working with more young people through stop motion and in collaboration with YouthFed in Salford Quays, introducing Year 6 students to cyber security operation centres! This was also the year our partnership with Digital Advantage really began and the first year of several collaborative projects with PIE.


Working with National Autistic Society and Greater Manchester Autism Consortium, we produced our first campaign of video shorts telling positive stories of employment for people with autism. The digital agency was born! We also began to deliver remote sessions, thanks to Covid, for young people in Manchester, Stockport and Tameside – many of whom have later come back to us through DISC. And all this despite a pandemic!!!!!


We moved from Federation House to Holyoake House.

Our collaborations continued to develop with Manchester City Council, PIE, Digital Advantage, the National Lottery, Co-op Foundation and WEA with a variety of programmes being developed which would later lead to the establishment of DISC, in partnership with Digital Advantage. This was the year that we also had a lot of support from Remtek and TextHelp to provide opportunities and assistive technology for our learners. Most importantly, the digital agency expanded with new employees, who had been through our education programmes.


DISC was formed and our programmes went form strength to strength engaging young people who wouldn’t have had the opportunities they now do! DISC is a partnership with Digital Advantage to establish a Digital College in Manchester city centre that really allows young people with autism and other needs, to feel safe, valued and able to explore their digital interests with likeminded people! SENDCode led on the pre-internship offer whilst also growing content creation opportunities for the agency!


SENDCode becomes The Digital Agency, which offers fulfilling and paid work to young people who have amazing skills, but need the right environment in which to develop them. It also offers work experience opportunities to interns at DISC, with whom we are co-located at Holyoake House. Its such an inclusive environment we even spend time being creative about having fun at the expense of the boss.


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